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Assertiveness is the ability to honestly express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes while respecting the other person’s wants, needs, and feelings as well. Few people have perfect communication skills that they implement 100% of the time, and many people could brush up on their assertiveness communication skills. Here are 9 helpful assertive communication examples to help you improve your ability to stand up for yourself and communicate effectively. What Qualifies As Assertive Communication? It’s important to have an understanding of exactly what is and what is not assertive communication. The qualifying criteria for assertive statements are twofold: You honestly express your thoughts and feelings, and You do so in a way that shows respect for the other person’s feelings, wants, or needs. Three of the other possible communication styles that you could opt for instead of assertiveness include passive statements and behavior, passive-aggressive communication,  and aggressive communication.  Passive communication is pretty self-explanatory. Passivity…