Being | Better Believe It!



Life can be hectic. For many people, from the time they wake up until they lay down to go to sleep, they run around doing things. They run from one task to the next, often performing several tasks at once. People often define themselves by what they do. If I ask myself, “Who am I?”, the answers are probably mostly things I do. If you asked anybody who they are (how they define themselves), answers might include things like “I’m a bus driver”, “I fix cars”, “I raise 4 children”, “I paint”, etc. Doing is great, don’t get me wrong, but people should focus more on being. When you focus on being, life becomes way more rewarding and less stressful. Let me illustrate the difference between doing and being by providing an example. Let’s consider the state of loving. Now love has many different definitions, so we’ll use what I…