Haters | Better Believe It!



Today I’m going to tell you about a challenge I faced in my life today. It’s not just today’s issue, as it’s the same issue that has bothered me my whole life. It’s an issue of people who don’t like me, and I have no idea why. I was adopted at the age of one. My adoptive parents hated me from the very beginning. My mother was extremely abusive in every way, 24/7, and my father just flat-out hated me as well. He would beat me if my mother told him to, but other than that, he pretended like I didn’t exist. Just as an example, I was standing in one of the rooms at our house. He wanted to go to the kitchen, and he needed to walk through the room I was in to get there. So, he walked right into me as if I weren’t there, knocking…