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mind over matter


We’ve all heard the occasional story where a person defies the normal and uses his or her mind to overcome what we think of as physical limitations.  The mind can block physical (and emotional) pain.  It can give someone “super-human strength”.  It can regulate core body processes like temperature control.  Even though these stories don’t happen everyday, if we look closely, we can see what’s possible and train our minds to do what seems impossible. The Ability to Block Pain Some of the most interesting stories about the mind’s ability to block or regulate physical pain come from patients who chose to undergo surgery without anesthesia for one reason or another, and who managed their pain by using breathing or meditative techniques or hypnosis instead. BBC News told the story of Alama Kante who had surgery in France to remove a parathyroid tumor in his neck.  Instead of general anesthesia, she underwent the…