Oneness | Better Believe It!



I believe in the concept of oneness. At first, the whole concept was just one I wanted to believe in because it made me feel connected, important, and not so alone, but for a while, I couldn’t completely wrap my head around it. I mean, we seem to all be so separate with such differing experiences and opinions, so how can we “all be one”? So I studied, read, researched and spent years gathering the proof I needed in order to really know, for myself, that the idea was true. I had some experience of it in states of deep meditation. Not everyone believes that we are, indeed, all one, but I do. Here’s how I see it. What is Oneness? Well, it’s kind of self-explanatory, but oneness just means we are all connected or more precisely, all parts of one whole (that are still connected). Since everything is one,…