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It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days, and they check it constantly throughout the day. Why not put it to use to help you grow, learn, set and achieve goals?  Check out these self help apps.  They can help you improve your life in big and small ways. 1. Unstuck Unstuck is an app that helps you get out of a rut, take action, and live a better life. When you first download and open it, the app asks you to select three emotions in response to “How are you feeling in this stuck moment?” Some of your choices include hazy, high and dry, tired, unprepared, uninformed, and indecisive, to name a few. Then, you get to rate how strongly you feel each emotion. Next, you decide which type of stuck you’re in (personal, professional, or both) and who’s stuck with you (alone, you + another person, or you +…