Words | Better Believe It!



When you mention the word “power”, what pops into your mind? Usually it entails things like money or wealth, leaders in government, CEO’s, or just having control over others. But I think the most powerful person is the one who has command over language, because the effective use of words can mobilize nations, destroy millions of lives, and do everything in between. No one denies the immense power of words. Hitler used them to mobilize a nation and to kill millions of people. Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and countless others have used them to stir our own nation into action. In your personal life, can you remember when someone said something hurtful, and you still remember it 20 years later? Wounds caused by thoughtless words can last a lifetime. Words can build up or tear down, mobilize or paralyze, wound or heal. Words can last for millenia…