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breast cancer


Dr. Ruth Heidrich, PhD. is an awesome lady who serves as a role model to me. She’s vibrant, smart, and she healed herself from stage 4 breast cancer without undergoing chemo or radiation. Instead, she adopted a low-fat vegan diet along with her exercise of choice: running. In 1968, she read Kenneth Cooper’s book aerobics, and she took up running every day as a result of reading that book. She ran almost daily for the next 14 years. Then in 1982 when she was 47 years old, she got the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer. She had surgery to remove the tumor, which was the size of a golf ball, but the surgeon said that “the margins aren’t clear”, and she learned that it had spread to her bones and her lung. Her doctors recommended that she start chemotherapy and radiation, but she found an ad in the…