I’m Michele, an avid reader, thinker, and personal development junkie.

I am enamored with the power of the mind, and I aim to share insights from this exciting field with you. The things I include here are things that have helped me and maybe can help you, too. Or not.

I’m not asking you to accept what I say. The point is to think for yourself. Take what helps and empowers you, and leave the rest.

If you like what I say, wonderful. If not, that’s fine too. I’m not out to convert anyone.

To answer the question, I grew up in Ohio, and I’m 47 years old. I’m a mother, a member of Mensa, a bibliophile, and – oh yeah – my husband kidnapped my kids and held them in a 3rd-world Middle Eastern country. I just mention it because that was a big deal for me. If you want to know more, you can read my book, Mommy Don’t!

To overcome the depression and anxiety and negative beliefs that resulted from earlier trauma, I embarked on a path of re-learning everything. I have been practicing self-development ever since.

Also, I love to travel, and I’ve been to over 25 countries so far.


I love to read, and one of my favorite topics is about the immense power that our beliefs have.  Our beliefs (and thoughts) determine how we perceive the world we live in, the people we share the world with, and the state of our physical bodies.

I’ve done research in this area from so many varied sources – books, articles, videos, journals, etc – that I wanted to compile and share all the data in one place.

So, this blog includes insights into the amazing power of belief and how we can all harness its power to create more fulfilling lives and healthier bodies.

I am a bit distrustful of Western medicine.  I hate to say it, but I have this perception that Western doctors do not care about getting people healthy or treating them as a whole person – a being with a body, mind, and soul.

The stresses in our lives, the relationships we have with others and ourselves, and our thoughts and beliefs can be a bigger cause of health or illness than “randomness” or pathogens, but, in my experience, you walk into a doctor’s office and the doctor spends 2 minutes in the room with you (after making you wait in the waiting room for an hour and a half, yet charges you $150 for that 2 minutes).

He/she listens to a symptom, maybe orders a test or two for later, then just whips out a prescription pad and tells you to take an expensive pill without even discussing all the side effects that occur because you swallow that pill.

They don’t try to take time to determine the cause of the problem or even treat the cause.  Instead, they give you a pill from big Pharma to mask the symptom (instead of actually changing the true cause of the problem).

Now I can’t say every doctor is like this because I rarely will ever drag myself in to see a doctor.  The ones I have seen have all been like this, however.

I truly believe in changing the factors that caused a disorder, however, not taking some pill to mask the symptoms. Of course, medicine is good for acute symptoms.  Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria.  Medicine is good for treating broken bones, etc.

I’m very intrigued with self-healing.  I’ve read countless stories of people who eschewed Western medicine and cured themselves using food, herbs, and/or by changing their thoughts and beliefs.

Here, I will also share inspiring stories of people who took charge of their own health and cured themselves naturally, without pumping toxic chemicals into their bodies.

skys-the-limitI’d like to note that there are some scientific studies when it comes to topics of beliefs and self-healing (“spontaneous remission” in the case of cancer), but most of the information  just comes from people’s firsthand accounts.

Of course, there is no way to verify or validate someone’s personal story, so I read, I listen, and on a case-by-case basis, I decide whether I believe part or all of their account.

But after reading hundreds, if not thousands, of similar-type stories, I know that there is an underlying truth that attests to the amazing healing abilities (physical, emotional, and spiritual) our bodies and minds inherently possess, and they are far greater than what people commonly think.

So my advice is just read and learn and make your own decisions.

I started this blog in order to organize and share information about topics I’m passionate about – subjects such as the power of beliefs to shape your life and enhance your health, consciousness, self-healing, and anything that helps us grow, learn, heal, and live up to our full potential. So I share interesting information I’ve gleaned from various authors and speakers, as well as my own experiences.

I have several types of posts to share.

“Spotlight” posts talk about special people we can all learn from to see what’s possible.

I also share posts about things I’ve learned from books, articles, workshops, and videos.

Sometimes I throw in a few personal stories from my own life so we can communicate and share with one another and discuss how the information can be applied in daily life.

If there is something you have learned or experienced and would like to share and help others, publish your article by submitting a guest post. Join the community and help others grow and learn.


capacity to learnKnowledge is power.  The more you know, the more you can apply it in your own life to create a life so wonderful that you never imagined you could be, do or have so much.

This blog is intended for people interested in learning, growing, healing, and improving their lives to reach their full potential – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

By reading this blog, I hope you gain new knowledge and get inspired by people who have “been there and done that” so you can gather the evidence you need to put aside any limiting beliefs and embrace more powerful, life-enhancing ones.

But most of all, think for yourself. Adopt what can help you in your life, and let go of what doesn’t empower you. Everyone is on their own journey.

I’d like to make a note about spirituality.  Sometimes, the topics I discuss intertwine with the field of spirituality. This is not meant to be a religious blog.

I, personally, don’t subscribe to any organized religion, but I do have a belief that encompasses some truths found throughout several mainstream religions.  Everyone is on their own path, and there are as many ways to “God” (or your “Higher Self” or whatever you want to call it) as there are people on this planet.  And some people don’t believe in anything, and that’s all fine with me.

I will never preach or take the stance that there is a right belief or a wrong belief.  But sometimes I might mention beliefs that fall into the spiritual realm.  If it doesn’t resonate with you, let it go.  If it does, great.

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Thanks for coming!

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