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You Have the Power To Change Your Life Today

you have the power to change your life today

This post is just a reminder of what we all know but tend to forget. It’s a reminder to myself as well. It does not matter what relationship you’re in, where you’re living, where you’re working, or what other people expect of you. If you don’t like something about your current life, you have the […]

10 Powerful Tips on How To Beat Depression and Loneliness

how to beat depression and loneliness

Depression and loneliness often go hand in hand. Each one contributes to the other or can at least make it worse. Now that winter is almost here, the tendency to become overwhelmed by one or both of these conditions increases. Shorter days, gloomy weather, and the stresses of the holiday seasons can all contribute to […]

11 Tips To Overcome Chronic Indecisiveness

11 tips to overcome chronic indecisiveness

There are so many decisions to make every day, from the small, insignificant ones to those nail-biting, major, life-changing ones. Some people seemingly have no trouble making decisions day in and day out, but then there are those who suffer from chronic indecisiveness. Here are 11 tips to help overcome that chronic indecisiveness that results […]

You Can Be Happy Right This Minute, No Matter What

you can be happy right now

It’s probably common knowledge that happiness is an inside job. It doesn’t depend on other people, places, events, or circumstances. But I love the idea of how completely within my control my level of happiness is, so I’m going to revisit that topic here today. And sometimes, I need a reminder, especially when things just […]