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Spotlight: Dr. Ruth Heidrich Healed Stage 4 Breast Cancer with Nutrition


Dr. Ruth Heidrich, PhD. is an awesome lady who serves as a role model to me. She’s vibrant, smart, and she healed herself from stage 4 breast cancer without undergoing chemo or radiation. Instead, she adopted a low-fat vegan diet along with her exercise of choice: running. In 1968, she read Kenneth Cooper’s book aerobics, […]

9 Powerful Statistics on Veganism and Cancer

9 powerful statistics on veganism and cancer

Science has shown that a meat-free, plant-based diet can reduce the risk of developing cancer or help conquer it when it does occur. In addition to the above video, here are 9 statistics from scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals. A few of them are not necessarily vegan studies, but all have to do with […]

Mind Over Matter: Our Mind’s Amazing Abilities to Control Physiology

Mind Over Matter Our Minds Amazing Abilities to Control Physiology

We’ve all heard the occasional story where a person defies the normal and uses his or her mind to overcome what we think of as physical limitations.  The mind can block physical (and emotional) pain.  It can give someone “super-human strength”.  It can regulate core body processes like temperature control.  Even though these stories don’t happen […]

Masaru Emoto’s Experiments on Water

If you’re not familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto, you should read up on his experiments with water.  They provide an interesting look at how thoughts and words influence water. Masaru is a Japanese man who started freezing water in 1994 and taking photographs of the resultant crystals.  He would take pictures of water […]