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Spotlight: Anita Moorjani’s NDE and Healing from Stage 4 Lymphoma


Some people don’t believe stories of near-death experiences, but I find them fascinating.  When the experience leads to complete changes in the experiencer’s outlook on life or behavior, I am intrigued enough to learn what they’ve learned.  Anita Moorjani’s NDE and subsequent healing from end-stage lymphoma is fascinating, and I think everyone can learn something […]

Spotlight: Stamatis Moraitis Heals Himself From Terminal Lung Cancer

Stamatis Moraitis

The story of Stamatis Moraitis is inspiring because, after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer when he was in his mid-60’s, he cured himself without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery.  Instead, he moved to his hometown, changed his lifestyle, and lived to be 102 years old. You can read a New York Times article about Stamatis […]

A Case of Healing Through Belief: Shanghai China

gregg braden

Emotions and beliefs are intertwined.  Our emotions often lead to a belief, and our beliefs create emotion.  This belief/emotion web has a direct effect on our physiology. Evidence of this connection can be seen everywhere with every person if you look closely.  Gregg Braden discusses one such case with a woman in China who had […]