Suck | Better Believe It!



I often hear people talking about the projects they’re going to do, the side business they’re going to start, or the book they’re going to write. But time goes by and nothing happens. There’s always a new excuse. Oftentimes, we look at a successful business, person, website, or a perfect DIY project and visualize the one we have in our mind looking similar to that. But the fact is, when you first start doing something, you suck at it. When you first take the time to sit down and try, you see your results and think, “I can’t do this”. Your first blog doesn’t need to have 17.8 million visitors a day and rake in $14,000,000/month like the Huffington Post. And it doesn’t have to earn $7008 in its first month like Pat Flynn’s first blog did. ¬†Whatever you create, it doesn’t need to be big or perfect. I’ve read…