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Change Your Beliefs to Help Yourself Quit Smoking

Change your beliefs to help you Quit Smoking

Our beliefs determine how we act. When you change your beliefs, your behavior changes as a result. If you’re a smoker wanting to quit, changing your beliefs can help you kick the habit for good. If you quit by “willpower” alone, but you haven’t changed your beliefs, you have a good chance of relapsing. The […]

The Power of Your Word

The Power of your word

When you mention the word “power”, what pops into your mind? Do you think about things like money or wealth, leaders in government, CEO’s, or just having control over others? I think the most powerful person is the one who has incredible language skills, because using words effectively can mobilize nations, destroy millions of lives, […]

No, Really. You’re Making It All Up.


You can never know reality because you project the world “out there” and you see what you want to see. I’m sure you’ve heard that idea stated in different ways at various times in your life. Most people take it at face value and immediately think, “Yeah right. I know better. Go jump off a […]

Experiments That Show Consciousness Alters the Material World


Many people think that thoughts, prayers, beliefs, intentions, and other forms of consciousness are just invisible constructs of the mind with no real power to change the world of matter. However, scientists have found that that just isn’t true. For a long time, science has been based on the Newtonian model where matter is the […]

Masaru Emoto’s Experiments on Water

If you’re not familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto, you should read up on his experiments with water.  They provide an interesting look at how thoughts and words influence water. Masaru is a Japanese man who started freezing water in 1994 and taking photographs of the resultant crystals.  He would take pictures of water […]

A Case of Healing Through Belief: Shanghai China

gregg braden

Emotions and beliefs are intertwined.  Our emotions often lead to a belief, and our beliefs create emotion.  This belief/emotion web has a direct effect on our physiology. Evidence of this connection can be seen everywhere with every person if you look closely.  Gregg Braden discusses one such case with a woman in China who had […]