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Got Questions? Create Your Own Council

create your own council

Sometimes in life, you feel kind of lost and could use some good advice from someone who has your highest good in mind.  You might be lucky enough to have a few good friends or relatives you can turn to.  If you’re religious, you might believe that you’ll get an answer through prayer.  If not, here are some ideas on how to get help and guidance for those times when you could really use some good advice.

Forgiving People Who Cause You Unspeakable Pain

Forgiving people who cause you unspeakable pain

As you can probably tell, I’m very much into positive thinking, adopting the most empowering beliefs, and operating my life from a place of love. One of the areas I struggle with is the area of dealing with “difficult” people (and the word difficult is quite an understatement). So I thought I’d share some personal […]