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Embodied Cognition Psychology: Use Your Body to Change Your Mind

embodied cognition psychology

I’ve spoken a lot on this blog about the benefits of changing your mind (thoughts, beliefs, etc) to improve your physical body, your relationships, your experience of the world, and your life in general. One way to help you change your thinking is by using your body and environment. Here we’ll look at what research […]

9 Helpful Assertive Communication Examples

9 helpful assertive communication examples

Assertiveness is the ability to honestly express your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes while respecting the other person’s wants, needs, and feelings as well. Few people have perfect communication skills that they implement 100% of the time, and many people could brush up on their assertiveness communication skills. Here are 9 helpful assertive communication examples to […]

Go Ahead and Suck At It. But Do It Anyway.


I often hear people talking about the projects they’re going to do, the side business they’re going to start, or the book they’re going to write. But time goes by and nothing happens. There’s always a new excuse. Oftentimes, we look at a successful business, person, website, or a perfect DIY project and visualize the […]

Mind Over Matter: Our Mind’s Amazing Abilities to Control Physiology

Mind Over Matter Our Minds Amazing Abilities to Control Physiology

We’ve all heard the occasional story where a person defies the normal and uses his or her mind to overcome what we think of as physical limitations.  The mind can block physical (and emotional) pain.  It can give someone “super-human strength”.  It can regulate core body processes like temperature control.  Even though these stories don’t happen […]