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Change Your Beliefs to Help Yourself Quit Smoking

Change your beliefs to help you Quit Smoking

Our beliefs determine how we act. When you change your beliefs, your behavior changes as a result. If you’re a smoker wanting to quit, changing your beliefs can help you kick the habit for good. If you quit by “willpower” alone, but you haven’t changed your beliefs, you have a good chance of relapsing. The […]

The Power of Your Word

The Power of your word

When you mention the word “power”, what pops into your mind? Do you think about things like money or wealth, leaders in government, CEO’s, or just having control over others? I think the most powerful person is the one who has incredible language skills, because using words effectively can mobilize nations, destroy millions of lives, […]

11 Ways To Make Yourself Happy


I was perusing Facebook yesterday when I across a post from a friend that said, “My 6-year-old asked me ‘How do I make myself happy?’ I told her ‘If only I knew’.” Now, I suffered from debilitating depression for years when I was younger, but since then I’ve learned how to make myself happy regardless […]